About me

I’m Lacey!  Also known as Dru and Margot’s momma.  As an avid antiques lover, I have a passion for beautiful and unique things.  Forecasting and spotting trends has always been something that comes naturally to me.  Scouring antique markets for that perfect one of a kind find or that slightly quirky item that, when styled right, makes the entire room, that is a perfect day for me.  Becoming a professional buyer has always been my dream, but making it happen in small town Western Oklahoma seemed impossible and very unrealistic.  This business is my way of deciding that my geography doesn’t have to determine my career.  Being the mom of two girls, I want to give them life experiences and lessons through my work while also keeping them in our small town setting and close to family.  After enlisting the help of my genius and hunky hubby, we got to work creating this idea all built around what I call my dreamiest dream job.  I hope you not only enjoy these sales, but feel as though you’re there with me walking every aisle, keeping a sharp eye out for treasure.

More to come...