Frequently Asked Questions ( Faqs )

How often will there be sales open?

We plan our sales around the country’s top markets and fairs. We’ll head to Round Top, TX twice a year and Canton, TX occasionally, and we’ll add shows as we go. We’re always looking for the best events and shows, so check our ‘Upcoming Events’ page to stay in the know. If you have any requests of shows that you’d love us to go to, CLICK HERE to tell us!

What kind of items will you be able to source?

It depends on the type of market we’re going to, but we’ll always be looking for the top trends in furniture, decor, art, rugs, pottery, patio, garden, dinnerware/server ware, lighting, and mirrors.  If there is something in particular that you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll find it for you!

What details will you disclose before the sales and when?

We’ll send out an email at least a month prior sale. We’ll also send reminders before a sale, followed by a countdown to start off a sale. In the notification emails, we’ll let you know the date, time, and location of the sale, as well as when the sale will end.

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How long do I have to decide if I want to purchase an item?

This depends on the length of the sale and the time frame in which we’ll be there. Each sale will be different, and we’ll disclose all the details beforehand. We always suggest checking our Instagram page often and turning on the Notification Settings, so you have the latest information. This gives you the best chance to purchase. All items posted have a risk of being sold at the actual market or by another client on our site. So, it is imperative that you check the website often to ensure the item you like isn’t sold before you decide to buy it.

What is your return and exchange policy?

There are no returns or exchanges. With all antiques, normal wear and tear add to the character and patina of the item. We do our best to vet the item and make sure it is a sturdy, quality piece before posting it to our site. When shipping an item, we always strongly suggest adding insurance.

How does shipping work?

Flat Rate Delivery:  We currently offer a Flat Rate Delivery option for any orders within a 100 Mile Radius of Clinton, OK. For orders within 100 miles, it’s $100 Flat Rate.  You can select your option when checking out online.

OKC Pickup:  We also offer a FREE scheduled OKC pickup day for items smaller than a large chair (3’H x 3’W). Once purchased, we will contact you with the dates that we will be in your area for you to pick up your product(s).

Local Pickup:  We can bring your items back to our warehouse in Clinton, OK where you’ll be able to pick your items up at your convenience. If items are not picked up within two weeks, however, we will begin to charge a storage fee of $50 per week.

Shipping: If you’d like your items shipped, we have a close relationship with and will package your items and get bids for the best deals from uShip or your preferred shipper! We do not upcharge shipping rates. We always recommend adding insurance when shipping irreplaceable items! For smaller items, we ship through all major shipping companies. For more information on uShip, go to

What happens if I purchase an item from you website and it already sold at the actual market?

Once you purchase an item through our website, we’ll be notified of the purchase and will immediately return to the vendor to buy it for you. If the items has already sold, we will notify you through text or email and will immediately refund your money.